The Art of Selecting and Using Smoke Accessories

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Smoke accessories are items used to enhance and improve the smoking experience. These items include lighters, ashtrays, and more. Some smokers enjoy collecting different smoking accessories.

Unlike visiting a smoke shop in person, shopping online can allow you to sort through a larger selection with ease. Here are some tips for browsing and buying the right smoke accessories.

Rolling papers and blunt wraps

A staple for any stoner’s arsenal, rolling papers provide a convenient and safe way to roll joints and blunts. Most smokers choose a natural paper without dyes, inks, or other chemicals that may detract from the quality of their weed or alter the taste. Flax, hemp, and rice papers are all popular choices.

Some smokers choose flavored rolling papers to add a subtle hint of citrus or another flavor to their smoke session. Others prefer plain paper, like the kind used for receipts or newspapers. If you choose to use normal paper, it is important to moisten it beforehand, either with a little water or by licking it.


For those who smoke flower out of a pipe, bong, or vape pens, grinders are essential accessories to have. Grinders break up the flower into pieces that are more uniform for easier rolling and vaporizing. Without one, smokers have to use their fingers, cheese graters or other tools, which can result in inconsistent and less potent highs.

Grinders are available in a range of sizes and materials, with many featuring unique tooth patterns for a finer grind. Some also feature a chamber in which kief drops into when the grinder is turned, and a scraper that helps to collect and remove this cannabinoid-rich concentrate as needed.


Ashtrays are both a practical and decorative accessory for smokers. They help prevent litter and can be as simple or elaborate as the user wishes. There are dozens of different shapes, sizes and materials to choose from.

Many people use small, portable ashtrays that can fit in a pocket or purse to avoid littering, while others prefer to have a permanent fixture for the room where they smoke. These can be made of metal, glass or other flame retardant materials and may be shaped like containers or have individual slots for butts.

Rolling machines

A rolling machine takes the hard work out of hand-rolling joints, blunts, and cigarettes. It’s an essential tool for anyone who wants to enjoy a well-rolled smoke without spending all day working up a sore arm.

There are a number of different types of rolling machines, including injectors (which work with empty cigarette tubes) and cone fillers, which can be used with pre-filled cones. Each type of machine has its own advantages and downsides. For example, injectors can be difficult to use for beginners since they require a lot of twisting and cranking with the handle or crank.